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Annie & Mac - Old Time Music: Press/Reviews

Sampling of comments on our YouTube channel in February 2018:

“I have only just found you two and I could listen to you all day. I love the old Mountain music but it's so hard to come by. I live in W. Australia. So I'm sending you blessings and best wishes from down here. Keep up the good work It's really appreciated.”

“Great arrangement, you guys sound wonderful as always. I'm glad you folks are a fixture on YouTube!”

“Great song great rendition and I love your harmonies.”

“Phenomenal job guys! By far my very favorite rendition of this tune!”

“I was just working on Mike’s tabs for this and stumbled upon your video. Very helpful and great playing!”

“Thanks for that, will be helping me learn it as well. Bravo both players!”

“That would always put a smile on dads face. He loved that old song.”

“Love your music will be listening for hours and hours. What a great way to bring in the New Year, Thank you,”


Here's a sampling of some of our recent reviews on our YouTube channel, "Annie & Mac Old Time Music Moment":

“It's been a hard winter down east. More snow than I ever seen. However, just give me a little Haggard, a little Norman Blake and a lot of Annie and Mac and everything is okay with the world. Great job folks, it did my heart good. I hope you folks have been well.”

“Always puts a big smile on my face when you guys post”

“You two are so cute! I love your songs!! Makes me feel good again every time I'm down´╗┐”

“You guys are awesome! I'm getting my girlfriend to learn to play guitar with me because of these videos.”

“Pretty cool how your dog came in on the beat! I enjoy your videos end especially your show in Chevy Chase a couple weeks ago.”

“I love it!! Y'all have such a joy and love coming through your music. God Bless you and yours and Happy New Year!”

“You Folks Make Music Fun. My Favorite Channel.  Mac I'm Learning a lot from you, Thanks from N.S Canada.”

“As always, a very worthy make listening easy on the ears.  Love it! Have very happy and prosperous year ahead.”

miscellaneous - YouTube (Jun 28, 2017)



"Front Royal residents to be inducted into America's Old Time Music Hall of Fame"

(excerpt)...'This year, Virginia musicians Annie and Mac ... of Front Royal, will be inducted into this very sophisticated Hall of Fame.' ...

See our photo gallery for an image of the article in its entirety.




French Music Fans Head to Front Royal to Meet Musicians

It was an exciting day on Tuesday for two local musicians when their fans from France came all the way to Front Royal to meet and play music with them. Annie and Mac have an old time music style and they post their videos on YouTube. That's how the Rauolt couple discovered and fell in love with them. It was a dream of Garrard Rauolt to meet the musicians, so, for his 60th birthday, his wife surprised him with a trip to the U.S. "She kept this secret, the surprise, from Garrard the whole time. She didn't even tell him where they were going to end up until they were in their hotel room when they arrived," said musician Patrick McCauley. "When he see them, he cry," said Bernadette Rauolt. Garrard even got to play along with the musicians. Bernadette said they love Annie and Mac, because they play from their hearts.

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WCVE Public Radio's 5th Annual St. Patrick's Day Concert: A Growing Tradition by Bobbie Barajas Sun, March 20, 2011 (excerpt) Over the years Jim Guy has rustled up his bandmates and brought them to our station celebration but he has also consistently provided top notch musicians to be a part of the show. This year was no exception when we made the happy acquainteance of Annie & Mac. Listening to them play a combination of guitar, banjo and harmonica took us all back to a time when family music making was the norm and a joy. Mac, who celebrated his birthday that day, provided historical and cultural information about the pieces played making for a richer listening experience. (Read the entire article and see photos at



Outstanding. Simply outstanding. I tip my hat to a fellow frailer and his very gracious accompanist. When I think good music, I think Annie and Mac! Best to you both.

- YouTube (Mar 18, 2011)



Wow, you guys are good! This is great. I LOVE it!

- YouTube (Mar 16, 2011)



This is one of my favorite poems, and of all the music that has been paired with the poem on YouTube, you two are the only ones who seem to do it right. I have also taken a look at your website,and you'll have a cd order shortly! Thanks.

- YouTube (Mar 16, 2011)



Great tune!! I love your music. You guys have a way of giving these old tunes new life. I'll have to learn this one and steal....uh, I mean borrow it from you.

- YouTube (Mar 15, 2011)



Whenever I need a pep-me-up I just watch youse two.

- YouTube (Mar 14, 2011)



It's such fun to watch your videos.

- YouTube (Mar 14, 2011)



Enjoyed as always, You folks do a great job on whatever song you tackle !!! Thanks for sharing it with us YouTube'rs!

- YouTube (Apr 6, 2011)



This is just wonderful. You two sing great together.

- YouTube (Apr 2, 2011)



I really enjoy your music, Annie and Mac. Thanks for sharing it.

- YouTube (Mar 28, 2011)



"OUTSTANDING AGAIN!!! Thanks for bringing these good old songs to us. You guys are awesome!"

- YouTube (Jan 21, 2010)



"bravo!!!! wish you guys could get a t.v spot or something... your very good thanks for the post."

- YouTube (Dec 31, 2009)



By M.K. Luther - FRONT ROYAL - Most days, the sweet sounds of old-time music can be heard coming down from the mountains outside Front Royal from the porch of Barbara "Annie" Stevens and Patrick "Mac" McCauley. The live performances of Stevens and McCauley, or Annie and Mac, as the duo are known, are available to anyone, however, with just the click of a mouse on YouTube. "Anybody can do it and that is the beauty of it," Stevens said of the YouTube postings. Encouraged by Front Royal harpist John Kovac, Stevens and McCauley started posting self-filmed and self-edited videos to YouTube in December 2007. Specializing in what they described as the "back porch" music of the Appalachian mountains, Stevens and McCauley harmonize the folksy, gospel-inspired tunes in 21⁄2- to 3-minute video segments on YouTube, catering to a particular audience -- old-time music lovers and artists, as well as the increasing amount of new fans of the genre. "Old-time music lovers -- I guess it is kind of a niche and we are one the few on You Tube who are doing old-time," Stevens said. Using a run-of-the-mill digital camera, with video filming capabilities, propped on a tripod, the pair film performances at their log home, and use simple editing software on a personal computer to add some finishing touches before posting. "It doesn't cost anything and it is a chance to get your music out there in the world," McCauley said. So far, they have 610,000 views of 85 postings and 1,000 subscribers, and have garnered an newfound international audience. "It has just been the most remarkable thing," McCauley said. "We have people from all over the world who share our love for this kind of music." Stevens and McCauley also are featured in the new book "You Tube Strummit Portraits," by Montreal-based John "Lew Dite" Parsons, an old-time music lover and YouTube user as well. Parsons highlights 24 YouTube musicians with photographs in the independently published book, which will be showcased in an upcoming art show in Canada. The book is available at The Annie and Mac YouTube channel has brought the musicians fans, peers and even collaborators from as far as Romania, Japan and Australia. Already accomplished traveling live performers, Stevens and McCauley also have found a whole new host of bookings and gigs through YouTube visitors and subscribers. "It has turned out to be a real boon," McCauley said. "We have had invitations all over the world." The YouTube channel also has served as a networking tool. For example, they encountered a man from Scotland online who was making plans to travel to the area -- when he arrived, the three met for a full jam session replete with bagpipes. The online video sharing site can be instructive, Stevens said, and viewers can watch postings to learn new songs or techniques. "Anybody asks us a question about our music and we try to get back to them as quickly as we can," McCauley said. The old-time style also is experiencing a revival as a younger generation discovers the time-honored melodies and tunes, Stevens said. "In some ways, old-time music is the songs that you learned as a kid," Stevens said. The Front Royal-based musicians already have two CDs, "Fresh from the Cave" and "Like a Winding Stream," recorded at Phoenix Productions studio in nearby Browntown with local producer George Hodgkiss. Songs are also featured on "God's Country," a compilation CD honoring the rural community. Unlike many old-time music performers, the pair do not center their scores around a fiddle. McCauley leads the melodies with his harmonica -- his "poor man's fiddle," Stevens said. "In old-time music, everybody plays together," McCauley said. "Some people call it music before radio." Stevens and McCauley have been playing old-time and gospel-inspired shows together since 2000. "The music kind of brought us together," Stevens said. McCauley, originally from Falls Church, was first exposed to the old-time tunes through cousins in Luray. By the time he was in his late 20s, he had picked up playing. McCauley plays banjo and harmonica, dabbling in squeeze box. Stevens, who grew up in Greenbelt, Md., gives the duet-style performances harmonies and plays the rhythm guitar. For more information, visit or Annie and Mac's music also is available for purchase and download through



"Absolutely LOVED IT! I particularly liked your embellishment of the chorus. Sheebeg Sheemore is a popular Irish fiddle waltz here in this part of Tennessee and I finger pick it on a mountain dulcimer tuned to CGcc. Keep those wonderful old time music videos coming. You two are just wonderful together. Happy New Year!"

- YouTube (Dec 29, 2009)



"Always a blessing to watch and listen to you play!"

- YouTube (Dec 26, 2009)



Great tune. That is some great claw hammer picking on that banjo. I sure like to hear good claw hammer and you play it well. You folks look like you are having so much fun in your videos. Keep em' coming.

- You Tube (Jul 26, 2009)



Always look forward to new videos from you, such a wonderful sound you two produce. I am a major clawhammer banjo fan and Mac is one of the best I've ever heard.Keep up the good work you two!

- You Tube (Mar 3, 2009)



I just found y'all tonight. I love your music. It is so soothing, especially this one. Thanks for sharing with the world!

- You Tube (Mar 14, 2009)



Many thanks...... Annie & mac .....Fantastic performance you certainly brighten up our grey skies over hear in the U K......

- You Tube (Mar 1, 2009)



Great music. Nice to hear something that causes the toes to tap..

- You Tube (Mar 10, 2009)