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Annie & Mac - Old Time Music: Home

“Keeping Traditional Music Alive”

Thank you for visiting our website. This website will be discontinued in the near future. The new website is and is active immediately.

We are Annie & Mac, an old time music duo with banjo, harmonica and guitar, and in 2014 we were honored to be inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall  of Fame located in Anita, Iowa. We received the award at the National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Music Festival which is held every year in LeMars, Iowa, during the week prior to Labor Day.

We have been performing together in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia since the year 2000. We have also posted over 140 videos on YouTube since 2007. We have produced five CDs of our music, they are “Fresh From the Cave,” “Like a Winding Stream,” "Stirrin' the Pot," “Message From the Hills,” and "Red Hot Skillet" the last two being downloadable. All are available for purchase at

We describe our music as old time Americana roots. Mac plays clawhammer style banjo, harmonica and now a cajun accordion while Annie accompanies on rhythm guitar. We both sing and alternate lead or harmony parts. Our influences include Grandpa Jones, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jimmy Driftwood, Uncle Dave Macon, the Bailes Brothers, among many others. Mac has spent a lifetime collecting old time recordings and learning these songs, and Annie joined him in the year 2000. The music has all the elements you might expect—love, sorrow, humor, faith and hope. Our duet singing is steeped in tradition. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, we are no longer doing live performances. Our YouTube channel is called "Annie & Mac Old Time Music Moment."

Through YouTube we have been amazed to see how much this old time music is appreciated around the world as we connect with performers and listeners alike. The old time songs tell stories of everyday joys and struggles, while breakdowns propel listeners to dance with joy. We always search for the spirit that keeps this music alive for future generations. Comments from our audiences often include “toe-tapping,” “joyful,” “beautiful harmonies,” “sincere,” and “fun.”

Annie & Mac at Hillbilly Bop