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Annie & Mac - Old Time Music: Biography


Patrick “Mac” McCauley

My name is Patrick, but some people just call me Mac. I have played banjo and harmonica in many venues including a musical stage show in California, concerts and contests in Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio, collecting some awards and ribbons along the way. For most of my life I have collected songs and old string band recordings and I enjoy bringing a little-known gem to light. For several years I performed with Andrew Acosta’s New Old Time String Band and I was a founding member of the Gospel Keys bluegrass old time gospel band from 2000-2005. I am devoted to keeping old time music alive and encouraging other to join in with instrument and song.

Barbara “Annie” Stevens

My name is Barbara Ann but old time music lovers call me Annie. I took piano and guitar lessons as a child but really found my musical niche in life during middle age when I discovered singing and playing rhythm guitar in “old time” music. From 2000-2005 I played in a bluegrass gospel group called the Gospel Keys before hooking up with Mac and forming our duo. My other hobbies include painting and writing songs. I taught drawing and calligraphy in adult education classes and I always encourage people to find and use their creative talents in life.